Rebuild The Structure

It is imperative that as a homeowner you make USA Water and Fire Restoration as an emergency contact for all of you disasters and home rebuilding needs. We are available 24/7 and can be reached at 1-888-619-0718. We can repair your damage from top to bottom restoring your dwelling, bathroom, living room, or basement just to name a few to its original livable state. We will provide you with an estimate and will also work with your insurance company and claims adjuster. We can also rebuild the structure or area to your specifications.

We will clean up and rebuild after a fire. In addition, we can provide such services as roof, bathroom, kitchen, and basement damage. We will remove water; provide mold remediation and restoration, asbestos services during or after an emergency or because of normal wear and tear. We are also available to inspect these areas as a precaution.

Mother Nature often has other plans for our structures and a roof can be one of them. USA Water and Fire Restoration services offer you technicians that are proficient, knowledgeable and take great pride in their craft. Your roof can be damaged due to fallen tree limbs or high winds or even improper installation processes. We can assist you to fix them all in a timely manner.

No job is too large or too small and our staff will speak to you in layman’s terms. This means that that we will not further add to your dilemma by talking in technical terms that someone who is not familiar with the vocabulary cannot understand. Never ever attempt to get on a roof and assess it yourself. Make USA Water and Fire Restoration your emergency contact. We will come out and assess the damage and make perhaps emergency adjustments such as checking out the area, covering the roof with plastic so that no further damage occur and visually inspect the roof including the damage but also the debris that may have been left behind. We can then begin to work to not only clean up but rebuild the area.

We will also inspect your home should you suspect mold. We will assess the damage, and contain the mold and provide air filtration. We will remove the mold and the infested areas and clean your belongings as if they were our own. If drywall has to be replaced or an area has to be rebuilt we will provide that service as well. We are if you will a one stop restoration service.

Please call USA Water and Fire Restoration if you have a disaster or if you want a check up for your home. There is no job too large or small and your concerns are very important to us. We will never use verbiage that the homeowner cannot understand and will restore and rebuild your structure according to your specifications. Call us at 1-888-619-0718. We are standing by to serve and also to protect your home something that you have worked for perhaps your whole life. We look forward to serving you.

  • A friend recommended USA Water and Fire Restoration, and I couldn’t be happier… the service was fast, easy, and most importantly, they allowed me to focus on my business while leaving the construction matters to the professionals.
    Jason Blackwell
  • Best decision I made since the fire happened. They really know how to fix a home.
    Kim Chavez
  • The flood really set us back and messed up the basement however, USA Water and Fire Restoration cleaned the water up, dried everything out and replaced all the walls and flooring to perfection. Now we have our basement back.
    Bob Hines
  • Our pipes burst last winter and made a real problem for us. USA's crew took care of the water and rebuild the room. They were very professional and did a great job. So happy we hired them.
    Mark Best
  • They took care of all the problems, fixed the walls, fixed the flooring, did the kitchen and now we have our home back.
    Amy Dust