Kitchen Project

As a homeowner are you aware that most fires start in the kitchen? Residents begin cook and get distracted and walk away. In addition, in the case of a grease fire most individuals try and transfer the pot to a sink and put water on the flame. In this scenario there is fire all over the place. The proper course to take is to put a lid on the flame and smother the fire. So that being said if you find yourself in this predicament and fire has ravaged your kitchen call USA Water and Fire Restoration services at 1-888-619-0718.

USA Water and Fire Restoration will be happy to assist and service your kitchen project when you need it most. Our knowledgeable staff will provide clean up services, mold assessment, and restorative services for you. We will also work with insurance companies providing you with service that put your mind at ease.

We cannot stress the importance of having an emergency plan for yourself and your loved ones if a fire occurs. We do suggest having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and above all being attentive when cooking. Put pots on the back burner should children be present. That being said if a fire transpires call USA Water and Fire Restoration for your kitchen project.

A kitchen project is very important as for most families the kitchen is a place where your family gathers. As with all of the services we provide we will give special attention to your possessions and existing furniture and appliances. We can assist with electrical and gas work as well as cabinets and counters. No job is too large or small.

Our proficient staff is standing by to assist you. We can also maintain and inspect archaic kitchen appliances to prevent a fire from occurring and are also available should disaster strike due to storms, wind, or tornado damage. Let our qualified experts assist you now. Call USA Water and Fire Restoration at 1-888-619-0718. You will be satisfied and glad you did.

  • A friend recommended USA Water and Fire Restoration, and I couldn’t be happier… the service was fast, easy, and most importantly, they allowed me to focus on my business while leaving the construction matters to the professionals.
    Jason Blackwell
  • Best decision I made since the fire happened. They really know how to fix a home.
    Kim Chavez
  • The flood really set us back and messed up the basement however, USA Water and Fire Restoration cleaned the water up, dried everything out and replaced all the walls and flooring to perfection. Now we have our basement back.
    Bob Hines
  • Our pipes burst last winter and made a real problem for us. USA's crew took care of the water and rebuild the room. They were very professional and did a great job. So happy we hired them.
    Mark Best
  • They took care of all the problems, fixed the walls, fixed the flooring, did the kitchen and now we have our home back.
    Amy Dust