Emergency Plumbing

The only think worse than having a leaky plumbing mess in your own home, is having your tenant call you at 3am to let you know his toilet won't stop running. Yes, he tried "jiggling the ball" in he tank to no avail. The rental property is awash in a sea of waste water. You need it fixed immediately, The tenant wants (besides money for a hotel) it fixed immediately. Immediately? It's 3am! Who is going to come out at that hour for your emergency plumbing problem?

USA Water and Fire Restoration is the company to call, as day or night, they will say the words every property owner wants to hear, "We will dispatch someone to you within one hour." Whether it be an exploding water heater n your home, a gushing toilet in a rental property, burst pipes in your office suite, or a sprinkler system gone rouge in an industrial complex, USA Fire and Water Restoration has emergency licensed and highly trained plumbers on call to expertly fix the problem at its source.

  • USA Water and Fire Restoration List of Emergency Plumbing Solutions Include:
  • Hot Water Tank Replacement,
  • Basement Water Pump out Service
  • Toilet Repair/ Faucet Repair
  • Repair of Frozen/Burst Pipes
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Gas Leaks and Gas Pipe Repair/Replacement
  • Drain Pipe/Sewer Pipe Repair
  • Main Water Line Repair/Replacement

Backed by 30 years of delivering exemplary customer service, USA Water and Fire Restoration proudly stands behind their work with a Lifetime Warranty. and helps make the job affordable by giving a 10% discount to seniors and the uninsured. Visit their website, http://usawaterandfirerestoration.com, where you can find out more about their services, and be sure to keep USA Water and Fire Restoration's toll free number, 1-888-619-0718, by your home phone and in your cell phone contacts for your peace of mind. It is also wise to give USA's number to your maintenance staff and building managers, as they are often the first to know when a plumbing problem occurs. When water from a plumbing malfunction is running, the clock is also running for a speedy repair, and you may be away from home when a plumbing emergency happens in your condo, townhome, office or building. It's good to have a company like USA Water and Fire Restoration on call for your emergency plumbing needs.

  • A friend recommended USA Water and Fire Restoration, and I couldn’t be happier… the service was fast, easy, and most importantly, they allowed me to focus on my business while leaving the construction matters to the professionals.
    Jason Blackwell
  • Best decision I made since the fire happened. They really know how to fix a home.
    Kim Chavez
  • The flood really set us back and messed up the basement however, USA Water and Fire Restoration cleaned the water up, dried everything out and replaced all the walls and flooring to perfection. Now we have our basement back.
    Bob Hines
  • Our pipes burst last winter and made a real problem for us. USA's crew took care of the water and rebuild the room. They were very professional and did a great job. So happy we hired them.
    Mark Best
  • They took care of all the problems, fixed the walls, fixed the flooring, did the kitchen and now we have our home back.
    Amy Dust