Basement Project

To get help fast with a basement project make USA Water and Fire Restoration your emergency contact. A basement project poses a number of steps to be concerned with. Your basement may have damage due to leaking pipes, heavy rains, or washing machine overflow. No job is too big or small for USA Water and Fire Restoration to tackle. We can be reached at 1-888-619-0718. Many a basement project poses numerous dilemmas for a homeowner. Outside of being a huge mess many basements are unfinished and are not used as a living space. They may be used for storage or a place to wash clothes. However, it is critical to call an expert when a basement mishap happens.

USA Water and Fire Restoration will inspect and assess the damage and are available 24/7. We provide water extraction and removal and will dry out all the affected areas. We clean and restore household products and work on mold and mildew. Mold grows very quickly under these circumstances possibly posing a health problem for residents and pets.

We provide complete reconstruction and will locate and repair the starting place of the leak. We offer assistance with insurance claims. Make USA Water and Fire Restoration your one stop and emergency contact for you next basement project. Disasters never come at a good time and are worrisome and devastating. Let us put your mind at ease. Call 1-888-619-0718. Our qualified, professional staff will answer your questions and concerns. Call us today.

  • A friend recommended USA Water and Fire Restoration, and I couldn’t be happier… the service was fast, easy, and most importantly, they allowed me to focus on my business while leaving the construction matters to the professionals.
    Jason Blackwell
  • Best decision I made since the fire happened. They really know how to fix a home.
    Kim Chavez
  • The flood really set us back and messed up the basement however, USA Water and Fire Restoration cleaned the water up, dried everything out and replaced all the walls and flooring to perfection. Now we have our basement back.
    Bob Hines
  • Our pipes burst last winter and made a real problem for us. USA's crew took care of the water and rebuild the room. They were very professional and did a great job. So happy we hired them.
    Mark Best
  • They took care of all the problems, fixed the walls, fixed the flooring, did the kitchen and now we have our home back.
    Amy Dust