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Please fill in the form below to request a free quote and one of our experts will contact you to arrange a meeting. This visit
will serve to evaluate your needs and give you a personalized and competitive quotation.

Client Stories

  • USA Water and Fire was recommended by our friend after the great job they did from the water damage in the basement. We hired them, and they lived up to the recommendation, rebuilding the entire basement to where it was better then before. Thank you so much!
    James Chelsy
    Home Owner
  • Our home was flooded and under water for quite some time. The team at USA Water and Fire rebuilt all the flooring, walls and turned the rooms into a livable pleasant home again. Thank you so much.
    Amber Smith
    Home Owner
  • The fire damaged our entire kitchen and we thought it would never be the same. USA's team revamped the kitchen and it actually looks better then before.
    Karen Black
    Home Owner
  • The project we had USA Water and Fire do was done quickly and our insurance covered all the expenses. They did an amazing job. Thank you!
    Mike Dowens
    Building Owner
  • USA Water and Fire did an amazing job on our basement, we would hire them again and recommend them to anyone who needs mold removal.
    Nicole Hampstrom
    Home Owner

3 Step Process

We are happy to share our process of how we restore your home or building to brand new again.

Emergency Services

In order to make your home cleanup process go smoothly make USA Water and Fire Restoration your emergency contact for all of your needs.

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can increase your insurance rates and often if it is not extensive damage it is better to get an estimate and pay for the damage out of pocket.

Rebuild And Restore To New

Never ever attempt to get on a roof and assess it yourself. Make USA Water and Fire Restoration your emergency contact.


When you have fire, flood, smoke, or mold damage then you need a company that specializes in whole home and building restoration. Here at USA Water and Fire Restoration we have been serving owners for 30+ years. Our dedicated team is happy to help work with your insurance company and get you the quote that will pay for your damaged area to be restored to new. Let us help fix what’s broke and get your piece of mind back to where it was before the accident happened.


Mold Damage Repair
Whole Home Restoration
Emergency Plumbing
Fire Damage Repair
Water Damage Repair